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Foreign Education for Boko Haram Members: What Balderdash!

It’s disheartening sometimes realising how some so-called leaders in this country think! This is especially because some foreigners might draw their conclusions about the citizens here based on what these people do.

The other time, someone proposed a hate speech bill, perhaps, principally targeted at keeping Nigerians mute on social media. Now, another “lawmaker” is proposing a bill that would offer free foreign education to “repentant” Boko Haram members. You said what! So forgiveness is not enough? Hm.

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An Irony of a Bill

It is befuddling trying to figure where the ideas for some legislative bills in this country emanate from. I think the legislature is increasingly becoming a joke! It’s not like I have been a big fan, anyway; things are just getting worse.

The Good Book said something about not casting our “pearls before the pigs.” In other words, we should not give something valuable to someone that does not appreciate or know the value.

Based on what I have heard people say about Boko Haram in the past, the two words in the term “foreign education” represent two things they are opposed to. So what’s the sense in offering their members things that they detest?

Apparently, someone thought differently.

Yet, these are people who have destroyed a whole generation’s education. But what they deprived others of was most likely substandard, “local” education. Now, they are getting a better education as their reward. What the heck!

Encouraging the bad

In my own opinion, the “Bill for the Establishment of the National Agency for the Education, Rehabilitation, Deradicalisation and Integration of Repentant Insurgents in Nigeria and for Other Connected Purposes” is a scary proposition. It’s somewhat like an encouragement for violent behaviour.

This raises the likelihood that some other groups might surface in the future and its “repentant” members can expect some benefits after committing all sorts of atrocities. Is this really what the country wants?

There are many people who are dissatisfied about one thing or another in this country. So they can all be violent to achieve their aims?

What about Jobs?

This country teems with millions of unemployed people. According to a report, the Minister of Labour and Employment has projected that the unemployment rate will surge to 33.5 per cent in Nigeria this year.

We are looking at 1 in every 3 Nigerians of working age not having a job!

It makes me wonder whether the bill, which has passed first reading, also includes plans to provide jobs for the so-called repentant Boko Haram member after their foreign education. Otherwise, it will make for double insults and injuries to every law-abiding Nigerians.

Some people will even argue that it was the lack of a livelihood that make some persons to join the sadistic militant group, and rightly so. So education is now the best they could get?

In case jobs are also part of the deal, that might spell more trouble for the country. It could send the message that the millions of unemployed people should toe the same path to get their much-desired job.

The free foreign education part should immediately be removed from the bill if it’s truly meant for the good of Nigeria. Vocational training should suffice in its place.

The Boko Haram situation is a good example of what happens when government fails to do things that nip possible problems in the bud. You don’t come up with ridiculous “solutions” afterwards! © 2015 Frontier Theme