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Is This The So-called ‘Change’?

In the months, weeks and days leading up to the last general elections in Nigeria, the air was rent with shouts of ‘Change! Change!’ especially in some sections of the country – even my fictional dog was not left out in shouting ‘Sai, Baba!’ That was the mood. People desired and were ready to push for change. But I find it hard to believe that what are currently being witnessed in the country were the sorts of change everyone looked forward to back then.

Definition of Change

The situation of things at the time of the previous government, especially as had to do with corruption and the terrorist group Boko Haram, was unacceptable. It was, therefore, understandable why many people were ready to listen when the All Progressives Congress (APC) started waxing lyrical about change during its campaign for the last elections. The party promised jobs, constant power, quality education and all what nots. I have yet to see any of those with all certainty, although I know it’s still early days.


The thing is change can be positive or negative in nature. But we are quick to think the word ‘change’ connotes moving to a better state. Sadly, it could also mean going from bad to worse. The APC seems to have the latter unwanted change in mind for this country, judging by all the critical dramas being played out by different actors in the party. Perhaps, I’m just thinking upside down; I can’t help it.

Pot-pourri of Confusion

The true nature of APC is beginning to reflect after the party took over government. It is a contraption in a way – seemingly desperately put together just to push the former ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) away from the centre stage. But then this new party is itself a conglomeration of different parties, including people from the PDP, with diverse, distinct ideologies and interests. The National Assembly (NASS) leadership crisis, which, understandably, Prof. Pat Utomi said may derail APC’s Change Agenda, is a good display of divided interest within just a single party. It becomes hard to see how anything good can come out of a party that is unable to speak with one voice on issues. I foresee APC merely laying the foundation for longer term rule by the PDP and serving just one term in office, if things do not improve.

No Saviour

I have always believed politicians, especially these ones in Nigeria, can never be trusted. This is why I was not really surprised by the dramas playing out across the country. When you see politicians that are expected to behave in respectable manner scaling gates and throwing punches in the supposedly hallowed chamber you know there is a serious problem. Most of these people seemingly have no conviction about what is right and wrong – they are merely after personal interests. The Benue lawmakers that engaged in fisticuffs the other day showed nothing has changed from the past, sadly.

So I’m left to wonder: where is the change? Maybe you can tell me. © 2015 Frontier Theme