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Assessment for Participation in FG’s N-Power Programme Begins

Good news! If you’re one of those who applied to take part in Federal Government’s N-Power Programme for unemployed young Nigerians, it may interest you to know that assessment of applicants has been announced to commence today, 20 September 2016.

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The Programme

The N-Power Programme is designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to reduce the rate of youth unemployment in the country. At the initial stage, the programme would be targeted at equipping young Nigerians who fall in the age bracket 18-35 years with skills and tools that can enable them secure jobs, aspire to entrepreneurship, or become more innovative. The N-Power Programme is supposedly intended for all Nigerians seeking gainful employment; focus is just on those who are not older than 35 years at this time.

Successful applicants will be deployed to work in any of the programme’s several fields, including:

• N-Power Teach Corps
• N-Power Agro
• N-Power Tech
• N-Power Health
• N-Power Build

About 500,000 unemployed young Nigerians will be selected and trained before being deployed to work in different areas. These will serve in teaching, agricultural extension, public health and community education roles, amongst others. Well, I want to believe you already knew all this when applying for the N-Power Programme.


Assessment Schedule

The assessment for the N-Power Programme selection will be done in phases and by fields. N-Power Teach is to set the ball rolling from 20 September 2018, followed by N-Power Agro and N-Power Health. The full schedule is produced below:

• N-Power Teach: 20th September – 28th September 2016
• N-Power Agro: 29th September – 1st October 2016
• N-Power Health: 2nd October – 3rd October 2016
• N-Power Community Education: 4th October – 6th October 2016
• N-Power Creative: 7th October – 9th October 2016
• N-Power Tech (Software): 10th October – 12th October 2016
• N-Power Tech (Hardware): 13th October – 14th October 2016
• N-Power Build: 15th October – 18th October 2016

You can find out the date on which you are to have your own assessment by using the first letter of your surname. A schedule of assessment dates for those who applied for Teach can be found in this N-Power Twitter post. Similar information for other fields can also be found on the page.

You should note that you will be able to access the assessment page only on the date assigned for those with surnames starting with the same letter as yours. A notification should be sent to you before your date of assessment.

The assessment will cover questions testing your knowledge of the English language, quantitative reasoning, and general knowledge as well as other questions related to your chosen field/programme. The test can be taken on PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones with good data connection. You will be able to take part in the assessment any time between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on your assigned date.

Only successful candidates in the assessment will be chosen to participate in the N-Power Programme. Selection will reportedly be done in phases across the country.

If you need further information, please refer to the official N-Power website and/or Twitter page.

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