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Rape in Nigeria: Who’s Fooling Who?

A significant amount of dust has been raised in recent times on the matter of rape. The incidence is actually troublesome considering the victims and aftermaths.

Many people have called on governments to do more in tackling this menace. However, I find it contradictory that these same folks still do or encourage things that promote it. I’m tempted to almost agree with those who say Nigerians are hypocrite!

Stop rape

Factors in Occurrence

A popular saying goes thus: “Prevention is better than cure.” That underlines the importance of being proactive rather than reactive. It captures the right approach to tackling (preventing) undesirable outcomes.

On this issue of rape, people have called for all kinds of punitive actions against culprits. What if those to make those decisions or enforce them will be affected? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep this awful act from taking place?

We know the right thing to do, but we just don’t want to. Let me state a few of the factors that could contribute to rape incidents that we’ve turned a blind eye to.


I’m struggling to understand the moral behind the show called Big Brother Nigeria. I’m appalled by how not only the young but also the old wax lyrical about it. I have even seen politicians showing interest in it and I’m like, “Wow!” Governors even celebrate those that participated in it.

This show promotes nothing that I can confidently say young people can emulate. All I see in immorality and behaviours that aren’t worth encouraging young people to emulate.

If you are having sexual intercourse on national TV, what message are you sending to people out there? You even go ahead to pay these participants huge amounts that could encourage more people to follow suit. Now, that’s indeed a good way to put an end to rape (ironically).

Songs with indecent lines

There are many songs on the airwaves today with sexually-suggestive lyrics that people are treated to regularly. Those that glorify sexual acts, those using words that bring sex to mind, and what have you.

It is disturbing how ineffective the Censor’s Board and whatever other agencies responsible for monitoring these songs are.

I go around hearing very young kids singing these songs and I feel unsettled, worried about what they’d grow to be under their influence. What’s more worrying is that their parents don’t seem to be bothered.

Raunchy videos

Perhaps, it can be said that censorship appears to be having effects on what we see in local movies. But I don’t think the same can be said of music videos.

You see half-naked ladies dancing, twerking, or slaloming in music videos. Any objective person would agree that these movements have practically no other motives than seduction. If it’s mere dance, you’d be properly dressed while doing it.

The raunchy moves can have probably unintended effects on men, and in particular those ones that enjoy watching such videos. After seeing this content, chances are that some male viewers could develop “konji” and any person with the V would probably do.

I can go on and on about some things happening in our society that we pay little or no attention to that play a part in rape. I want to believe most people already know this, but they lack the will power to deal with them seriously.

Protect Yourself and Your Children

There are wolves out there. Sadly, we live in a country where the government isn’t doing enough to protect its citizens. Only God is for us and only He cares.

We need to do more to protect ourselves while leaving everything to God. Let our ladies and parents do things that can help to protect against rape.

Dress decently

I know some people don’t like to hear this, but it’s a fact that should not be ignored. Yeah, a responsible man should be able to control himself. The sad reality, though, is that not everyone (male or female) is responsible. Chances are that the animal side of some men may be activated when they get visually stimulated.

Watch your kids

Ensure your children aren’t in a secluded place alone with a person of the opposite sex, even if they’re family members or older. Things have sadly degenerated to that extent!

It is also rather heartbreaking observing the quality of parenting these days. In addition to condoning improper dressing, many parents don’t do enough to protect their children – like knowing what they do, where they are, and who they are with at every point in time.

You’d see young ladies moving around in the dark of the night unaccompanied or in unholy places. Where are their parents!

Monitor content consumption

Lastly, it is important to watch the kind of content that young people are allowed to consume – they constitute a significant proportion of those involved in rape. What songs are they listening to? What are they seeing on TV?

I have seen children and adolescents sing along to some lewd songs having sexually-suggestive dance moves with no caution. An example is the “One Corner” song/dance.

They also watch movies and shows featuring sexual scenes, while adults they watch with do nothing.

I’m beginning to sound like a broken gong, actually. We all know these things! The earlier we started taking the right actions, the better for our society.

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