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Woman Goes Naked on a Dare

What would you be willing to do on a dare? Go naked? Probably not. But that was exactly what a Florida woman did.

A woman was arrested in West Palm Beach last weekend after being found by police sitting stark naked outside a Dunkin’ Donuts outlet in Greenacres, Florida, according to a report by the Palm Beach Post.

The woman, Shakara Monik Martin, was said to have been offered clothes several times by people to cover her nudity, but she allegedly refused the offers of clothing. The Palm Beach Post reports that the 32-year-old, however, started apologizing for her action on the arrival of police at the scene on Sunday.

Police said in their report that Martin decided to perform the stunt of going naked in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts outlet as a dare. The Sun Sentinel reports that the dare was part of a pledge for her to join an unnamed dance troupe.

Martin was reportedly asked by her arresting officer if she would love to have medical attention. Who would blame the arresting officer for asking such a question anyway? The reason for it is obvious enough.

The woman was set free from the Palm Beach County Jail on Monday on her own recognizance. She is facing a charge of indecent exposure.

I am left here wondering how police officers went about the arrest of the naked woman. Oops!

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