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WhatsApp Ends Older iPhone, Android and Windows OS Support

This will likely come as bad news to you if you happen to be one of those stuck with an ‘archaic’ iPhone or iOS, Android and Windows device: WhatsApp will no longer work on your device.

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As disclosed on its official blog last year, WhatsApp has stopped support for some of the devices that it said it would stop supporting from the end of 2016. Users of some of the other device types on which the messaging app was previously announced to stop working from the beginning of this year will have few more months of grace to enjoy it before being cut off as well.

The devices that are affected at this time include iPhone 3GS and other devices running iOS 6, Android 2.2 (or earlier) and Windows Phone 7 operating systems.

Following the earlier announcement of planned suspension of support, the messaging app company announced that it would extend support for certain devices through the end of June 2017, from the earlier end of 2016. Those using BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, Nokia Symbian S60, and Nokia S40 will still have grace of about six additional months to use the service before the door will be shut on them as well.

The implication of this to you, as a user, is that you now need to mind the devices you buy. This is important if WhatsApp happens to be one of your favorite apps. You risk not being able to use the messaging app for long, or at all, when you buy a device for which support has ended or is about to end. It is particularly important to have this in mind when buying used mobile devices, whether foreign or Nigerian.

Blackberry and Nokia smartphone operating systems were the kings of the market when WhatsApp was launched years ago. They powered more than two-thirds of smart devices at the time. But both have now faded almost into oblivion. Nearly all devices on the market currently use Android, iOS or Windows OS.

WhatsApp, perhaps, considered it unnecessary work creating app versions for platforms not used by many people these days. The company cannot be faulted on those grounds at all. These old devices are also said to be incapable of handling the new features that would be introduced into the app in time to come. © 2015 Frontier Theme