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Some Do’s and Don’ts of Computer

There are some things that most of us fail to take into consideration when dealing with our gadgets. And in the end, we give ourselves some serious issues to deal with due to our negligence. It is in this light that I decided to talk of some computer do’s and don’ts that you may need to pay attention to when purchasing or using a computer or laptop for best user experience. Without wasting so much time, let’s start.

Desktop Computer

The Do’s

1. Do make sure to ask around from other users what they found interesting about their computers (desktop or laptop) before purchasing one. This will enable you to compare notes so that you will find it easier to have a clear idea of what you really need in a computer.

2. Do safeguard your computer, more specifically desktop or tower computers, with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Yes, you will also need to pay for that, but it is an important and worthwhile investment. It will be a bad decision to let financial consideration make you leave you computer susceptible to an unexpected power surge.

3. Do have an antivirus program and anti-malware installed on your computer or laptop to safeguard you against some malicious attacks that could hurt not only your computer but also you, the owner. If you plan to connect your computer to the Internet or use a USB device on it – something you will most likely do – it is therefore essential to get your system protected from attacks and unwanted intrusion with an antivirus and anti-malware software.

4. Do keep your computer away from dusty sources. The fans that work to cool the internal part of your computer make it advisable not to put your computer on the floor as dirt could easily be pulled in along with air. When this happens, you are exposing your computer to some serious issues that could send you running to the engineer very soon.


The Don’ts

1. Don’t be easily tricked by computer advertisements. New computers are constantly being introduced into the market with some expensive advertising campaign to push them to consumers. Determine what you really need from a computer or laptop and let those needs of yours play a keep role in the computer you eventually purchase.

2. Don’t let price be the principal determinant of your choice of computer. As noted above, let your needs determine the computer that you buy, even when the price is a little on the high side.

3. Don’t clog your computer. Although there are many enticing applications out there, it is not every one of them you need to have on your computer. Choose only programs that are really, truly essential so that you get great performance out of your computer. Too many programs on your computer can cause it to run rather slow. It is advised that you keep a minimum of 20 percent of your storage drive free.

4. Don’t download or install uncertified applications. Some people may find this a difficult thing to do but, if you consider your privacy and security highly important, it is an advisable thing to do. Some people behind these unlicensed software are actually cyber criminals and/or malware authors. So be careful!

There you have some do’s and don’ts of computer, but the list is actually not exhaustive. Try observing them and you will be glad you did. © 2015 Frontier Theme