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Shazam Lite Launched for Nigeria, Other Emerging Markets

Developer of the audio app Shazam has announced the release of Shazam Lite version for Android users in Nigeria and other select emerging markets.

Shazam Lite


Shazam Lite is a lightweight version of the popular music-discovery app Shazam built to occupy very little space on your smartphone at a size of less than 1 MB. You can think of it in the same as you would the Facebook Lite app, in comparison to the standard Facebook app.

The new app will not only occupy less space on your Android device, you will find it a better fit in case you are one of the data-pinching types despite the fact that data plans in Nigeria have become a lot cheaper. The app can even work offline helping you to better preserve your precious data.

In addition to Nigeria, Shazam Lite has been launched in some other emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Venezuela and Vietnam. It is built to work on devices running Android 2.3 or later versions of the Google operating system.

The Lite app can do basically everything the regular Shazam does. It naturally listens to songs in order to help users to identify the songs. In addition to its ability to work offline, the app also saves your most recent searches. Shazam Lite will unsurprisingly not have many of the features you find of the main app, but the most basic ones that have made the music-discovery tool popular will be on board.

The Shazam Lite launch is a sign that tech companies are increasingly seeing potential in emerging markets. It is arguable that Nigeria is a major smartphones market on the African continent. India is an even bigger market for mobile devices. It therefore makes sense for these companies to give these countries special attention.

Iordanis Giannakakis, Shazam’s head of Android engineering, said Shazam Lite was built primarily with users in the emerging markets in mind. Most of the smartphones used in these regions have limited storage and RAM memory, while there is also the problem of poor connectivity. This makes the lightweight app ideal for users in these countries.

Company spokesperson James Pearson told Engadget there is plan to release the Lite app in more countries.

If you wish to check out Shazam Lite, it is now available for download via the Google Play Store. © 2015 Frontier Theme