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Nigerian Elections and Primitive Thinking of Some Voters

Another election season is in full motion right now as people (voters) seemingly try frantically to choose people to fight and protect their interests for another four years – even though that might actually be a myth. In the midst of all this, however, it is quite saddening to still hear that some members of the electorate will not make their own voices heard by voting, unless they are paid for it. What!

I think I must have taken it for granted that the electorate is more informed nowadays and will only vote based on what they believe in and, hence, for the candidates that represent their beliefs and interests. I got my reality fix this morning when I saw a post on Facebook, which apparently was influenced by the “no money, no vote” voters. The calendar tells me this is 2015, but maybe it’s wrong. Perhaps, it’s 2007 or 1964 all over again.

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One would have thought people have gotten over the stance of being given N500 or N1000 to vote for a candidate. What sense is there in getting paid such measly amount and end up suffering under a reckless ruler for another four years? Is it really worth it? I know some might say that this is caused by poverty. But the fact that the money will scarcely last a couple of days before being fully spent does not justify being taken advantage of for another four years, at least to me. Maybe it is enough for some other people, though.

If you happen to be one of those involved in this contemptible act, you need to be aware that you are simply selling your birth right to a crook by so doing. Why? This is because no diligent, conscientious and ready-to-serve person will pay you to vote for him or her. The money you are being paid is considered an investment by those giving it to you. If they win, be rest assured that they are going to get their money back several folds by denying you essential infrastructure and services as well as jobs. This is business. Wake and smell the coffee. You are not getting dividend of democracy by collecting money to vote, but you are being enticed into slavery instead.

So why don’t you just vote according to your beliefs and what your conscience directs? Do not worry if those you vote for do not do what you expect while in power. Leave them to God to deal with and God will take care of you. But if you had received inducement to vote for such people, you will probably be on your own (OYO) and left to face the music when they find their way into power.

Thank God the Nigeria electoral system is not like the electoral system of Australia in which voting is mandatory. So it is not a crime, at least for now, to abstain from voting if you are not convinced by any of the candidates jostling for a position. The change we desire starts with us!

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