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Important Thing You Should Know About Computer Hardware

The computer, coupled with the Internet, has become an integral part of our everyday activities. Hardly is there any day that you will not have the need to do one thing or the other on the computer. But have you ever wondered about what exactly make your tasks possible on that computer of yours? Perhaps, you’ve not. One of those important parts or elements is the computer hardware. I posted tips for buying a used laptop few days back and I believe knowing about computer hardware is quite important when buying either a new or used computer.

What is Computer Hardware?

Computer hardware, put in a layman language, refers to the physical part of your computer; those things that you can see and touch. The microprocessor, motherboard, monitors, speaker, RAM and so on are some of what is generally referred to as hardware. Many users believe that software constitutes the most important part of the computer system, but that is debatable because without one the other may likely not be of any use. Computer hardware is also very much reliable than software, which you may need to change over and over again due to infections by viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware.

Desktop Computer

Having realised the importance of computer hardware, it is important to note that when buying any one of them you must go for quality ones to make your computer functions very well without you having to deal with issues over and again. But to buy this hardware components, you need to realise the functions that some of them perform and how important they are.

What are the Key Computer Hardware and their Functions?


The microprocessor is considered the most important of all the computer hardware as it seen to determine the manner of performance of the computer. It is within this you will find the central processing unit (CPU), which directs the performance of the other components. The efficiency of the microprocessor is dependent on two things: the bit rate and the processing speed. Bit rate is concerned with measuring the efficiency of the processors in carrying out various tasks. Microprocessors are commonly available in 32 and 64 bits.


Also important as the microprocessor among computer hardware is the motherboard. This is a board of electronic circuit consisting of several resistors, capacitors and diodes that drives the performance of the computer. The motherboard can be found in a computer’s central processing unit (CPU), which is responsible for the execution of every logical and mathematical operation that a computer system is meant to carry out and to ensure that software work very efficiently. Built into the motherboard are such important components as video card, data card, and sound cards to mention a few.


Memory cannot be left out when talking about computer hardware. The computer memory comes in two forms: the permanent memory and random access memory (RAM). The permanent memory, or hard drive, is measured in gigabytes and is where files are stored permanently until you delete them or when your computer unluckily crashes or get corrupted. The RAM memory is volatile in nature in that data are stored on it while your computer is turned on to facilitate smooth operation, and such data are wiped off once your computer is shut down. The higher the memory capacity, the better, especially in terms of the RAM.

It is important that you take note of the importance of computer hardware so that you take caution to make sure you go for quality components every time that you may desire to replace old ones. Branded computer hardware is generally your best choice when planning to purchase. Knowing the importance of computer hardware will enable you factor in this knowledge when buying a desktop computer or laptop. © 2015 Frontier Theme