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Facebook Gives Users Option to Remain Immortal

Have you ever thought about what happens to your Facebook profile after your death? It is very unlikely since the thought of one’s own death is not a pleasant one to have.

Your Facebook account doesn’t have to remain dormant or die when you are no longer around. A new option has just been introduced on the social networking site to ensure your account remains active after your demise.



It is sadly funny how people are sometimes appreciated more after they die. All of a sudden, friends want to relive the memory of the good times spent together with the deceased via their Facebook profile. They might want to do a thing or two to keep the memory alive or simply to share funeral details on the profile. But the most they could do before now was simply post on the deceased person’s wall, and that’s even if posting privilege was enabled.

All that is changing now as Facebook has announced a feature that enables users to stipulate whether to have their profiles permanently deleted or managed by an appointed individual on their death. The new legacy contact feature will enable the designated person (legacy contact) to post on the deceased’s timeline, update profile picture and accept new friend requests.

Before now, a deceased person’s Facebook profile is put in a memorialized mode once the information of death has been verified by Facebook, making the profile un-editable but only viewable.

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