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Etisalat 1GB Data Plan for N1000 Ups the Ante

I could remember few years ago when subscribers had to endure paying 10 kobo or thereabouts per kilobyte (KB) when browsing on their devices, unless they are willing to part with N1000 for a 100MB data plan. In this light, the new Etisalat 1GB data plan for N1000 is indeed a game-changer.

While I will not consider myself a fan of any Nigerian mobile network operators because of their unethical practices, including unsolicited messages and unauthorized charges, I think it is still right to talk about the few good things that some of these networks do once in a while. This is exactly the reason why I think the Etisalat 1GB data plan for N1000 is worth commenting on.

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About the Etisalat 1GB Data Plan for N1000

I thought I was seeing double when I got the following message on May 1:

“New Deal on Etisalat! Get 1GB data for N1000. Dial *229*2*7# Now. Valid for 30 Days.”

Wow! That’s impressive. I still wasn’t convinced since these network operators can never be trusted. So I decided to get more information on the data plan. Surprisingly, I found out the plan is real and intend checking it out once I exhaust my current data plan. But if you’d like to beat me to the Etisalat 1GB data plan for N1000, just make sure you have at least N1000 balance on your line and then type and send the following code:


That should do it.

Etisalat 2GB Data Plan for N2000

Before the Etisalat 1GB data plan for N1000 emerged, the network provider had somewhat silently unveiled a 2GB data plan for N2000 just about two months earlier. You may check that plan out if you are the type that use data heavily. You can get the plan by first ensuring you have a minimum of N2000 balance on your line, then enter and send the following code:


While we (the subscribers) are rejoicing over the Etisalat 1GB data plan for N1000, I’m sure the data resellers that have been doing brisk business for several months now will certainly not be happy. Let’s just hope other mobile network providers will soon follow suit to the delight of people like us. These affordable data plan can be blazed on any devices you have, including a PC.


Update (04/01/2016) – If you’re unable to subscribe for the Etisalat 1GB data plan for N1000 using the provided code, you can use *929*9# instead. © 2015 Frontier Theme