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Dropbox Office Integration Now Available to Non-Business Users

The partnership between tech giant Microsoft and cloud storage service Dropbox to make it easier for users to work with Office files on the go keeps on getting better, as non-business users can now edit these files via their browser.

An ongoing partnership to integrate Microsoft Office with Dropbox kicked off last year. Already, iOS and Android devices have apps that allow users to work on their Office documents on the go without having access to a computer with Office suite installed. The catch? You needed to be a Dropbox for Business user with an Office 365 license.

Dropbox Microsoft Office Integration

Dropbox Microsoft Office Integration (Source: Microsoft)

But with the announcements made by Microsoft and Dropbox today, non-business users can now benefit from the advantages of Dropbox Office integration with the storage site. If you are a Basic or Pro user, you are qualified to enjoy the benefits of working on your Office files from anywhere – even on a device or computer that does not belong to you. TechCrunch reports that users on the free tier of Office Online can use the integration, with the only requirement for the free tier being registration of a free Microsoft account.

This new development will be very beneficial to those people who frequently work on Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It will be especially useful to those who often need to edit these files on the go, but who are unable to lug around their laptops that has Office suite installed to do that.

Dropbox Microsoft Office Online Integration

Dropbox Microsoft Office Online Integration (Source: Microsoft)

In order to edit an Office file you have in your Dropbox, you only need to click on the “Open” button when previewing the file and you will be able to edit it direct from your browser via Office Online, according to Dropbox. Users will also be able to have direct access to Dropbox directly from Office Online to open the files there and also save new files to the top cloud storage site without exiting Office Online.

There is no doubt that this latest development will help Dropbox compete better against other cloud storage services, especially Google Drive, whose users have access to Google’s cloud office suite.

Dropbox says it has more than 35 billion Office files in its cloud storage service. It hopes millions of its users will benefit from the new Dropbox Office integration, which it says people can start making use of immediately. © 2015 Frontier Theme