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China to Increase Number of Scholarships for Nigerian Students

China is one of those countries that offer scholarships to students from Nigeria, including through the Federal Government Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) scheme. Well, if you are one of those interested in studying in the highly populous Asian country, it will probably interest you to note that it is contemplating making more scholarships available to students from around here.


Dividend of Change?

The current All Progressives Congress (APC) led government has been widely criticised for one thing or the other since assuming office at the centre last May. I have never really been a fan of politicians, so I will wholeheartedly neither support nor oppose the government for now – it’s been a sort of mix-bag to me so far. One of the reasons some have complained against the government had to do with the frequent trips of President Muhammadu Buhari to other countries. It has been said he needed to focus more on the issues at home than ‘gallivanting’ across the globe. There is also the issue of persistent fuel scarcity in the country – but that is by the way.

As would be expected, those in the APC camp have maintained all along that those trips were well-intended. Anybody is free to agree or disagree with that assertion, though. But it is probably indisputable that the president’s recent trip to China has been the most rewarding so far. In addition to agreeing in principle to a deal that could help ease the foreign exchange dilemma in Nigeria, President Buhari was able to get a promise from Chinese President Xi Jinping that the number of scholarships available for Nigerian students to study in China would be increased. That should sound as a welcome piece of good news to those of you looking to study in that country for one reason or the other.

More Chinese Scholarships for Nigerian Students

The China Government will reportedly increase the number of annual scholarships it makes to Nigerian students by 600 percent – up from 100 to 700. That’s a pretty amazing offer, if you ask me. Yes, the Asian country might not be English-speaking, but these scholarships often cover language classes – that is, if you cannot gain admission into an English-based institution.

China has done well for itself over the past four or so decades. It has become more technologically advanced and it will be interesting if Nigeria can benefit or learn from it in this area. We need all help to develop our local economy, corruption permitting. The increased number of scholarships means those interested in the BEA scholarships have better chances of landing an award in subsequent editions. Mr. Yan Xiangdong, director at China Cultural Centre, Abuja had earlier disclosed 40 annual awards were previously made under the scheme.

If you missed the last deadline for the Chinese Government or BEA scholarships, you now have another reason to look forward to the next edition. © 2015 Frontier Theme