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You Can Now Make Calls with Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

If you are a regular user of Facebook’s Messenger for Windows 10, you will very likely be delighted to learn that it now comes with added ability for you to make both voice and video calls.

Messenger for Windows 10


The lack of ability to make calls was one of the things that were identified as drawbacks of the Messenger standalone app for Windows 10 when it was launched earlier this year. Apparently, Facebook listened to the complaints and has now added the much-needed feature.

The call feature was previously limited to the Messenger apps for both Android and iOS devices. It was also possible for users to make voice or video calls from the desktop site of Facebook or the web version of Messenger, but not from within the desktop app.

The Messenger for Windows 10 works in similar way as the versions for iOS and Android devices as regards calling, according to VentureBeat. At the top right hand corner of the screen is where you will find the phone icon for calls. There is a green glow whenever a contact comes online to indicate you can reach them at that time.

You get notifications whenever there is an incoming call. The app also enables you to leave a voicemail if the other party is not responding to your call.

However, the Messenger for Windows 10 does not give you the ability send a message to the other party or set a reminder when making a call, unlike in the case of the Android and iOS versions.

A Facebook spokesperson informed VentureBeat that rollout of the feature commenced last week. You may need to wait for a little while, if the voice and video call feature has not been activated in your own app.

The Messenger for Windows 10 also gives you an opportunity to provide a rating on the quality of calls after ending them. You may be asked to pick from a list of problems one that explains the challenge experienced when you provide a very low rating.

With innovations such as this one, one can tell that telecommunications in Nigeria needs to sit up to remain relevant. They will have to make their call rates more pocket-friendly to avoid losing market. Chat apps have already cut down the amount of minutes many people spend on calls. © 2015 Frontier Theme