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Best Data Plans in Nigeria 2016 for Personal Users

It is cheering to note that the mobile network operators in the country – MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel – are becoming more and more liberal in terms of how much data they are willing to allocate to subscribers for whatever amount of money paid. The focus here is to highlight the best data plans in Nigeria 2016 for subscribers like me who desire good value for their money. Something similar has been done with the post on best data plan for android and other devices, but the aim here is to broaden the scope further.

Nigerian mobile networks logos

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Best Data Plan

Different factors determine the best data plan, including price and network quality at your location. The main factor focused on here is affordability. You may be right to call these the most affordable or cheapest data plans for the year 2016. It is especially meant for those mobile subscribers who love to save money and do so effectively. If signal quality is an issue in your area for any best plan, you will, at least, know which of the networks available in your area offer a good data deal. In discussing the best data plans in Nigeria 2016, attempt will be made to suggest plans for individuals (as against corporate bodies) with low, moderate or high data needs. Virtually all the data plans suggested here work on both smartphones and laptops. Without wasting much of your time, let’s start.

Low-to-Moderate Data Usage

Users with low-to-moderate data needs will usually not be willing to spend more than N3,000 per month on mobile data subscription; the cheapest monthly data plans you can get right now go for N1,000. The following are some suggestions on best data plans in Nigeria 2016 to consider when working with a price in this range.

N1,000 Data Plans

Virtually all the mobile networks now offer users at least 1.5GB worth of data allowance for N1,000. But Glo Nigeria raises the bar higher by giving 2 GB (update: rivals have now followed suit). Amazing! This is quite impressive when you consider that some months ago you only get 260 MB at this price. The following are the codes for accessing the N1,000 data plans on the different networks:

Airtel (1.5GB Android) – *496#

Etisalat (1.5GB) – *229*2*7# or *929*9#

Glo (2GB) – *127*53#

MTN (1.5GB) – *106#

Glo remains the winner in this category. But other factors, such as signal quality, will also contribute when determining the best in individual cases.

N2,000-N3,000 Data Plans

Glo Nigeria used to have the best data plan in the country for N2,000 offering a whopping 3 GB! However, all its rivals have now upped the ante by giving users 3.5 GB for the same amount. Here are the subscription codes for the N2,000 data plans:

Airtel (3.5GB Android 2.0) – *437#
Etisalat (3.5 GB) – *229*2*8#

MTN (3.5 GB) – *110#
Glo (6 GB) – *127*55#

Glo Nigeria has improved its N2,500 data plan allowance to 10 GB – up from 5 GB the last time. The company is no longer alone is this category, as it has now been joined by Airtel which also gives users 5 GB data on its Android 3.0 plan. You can get these N2,500 data plans using the codes:

Airtel (5GB Android 2.5) – *437*1#

Glo (10 GB) – *127*58#

The N3,000 data plan from Glo delivers even much more value for money to moderate, and even some heavy, users with an allocation of 6 GB! This undoubtedly comes top among best data plans in Nigeria 2016 for those who do not want to spend more than N3,000 on data in a month. However, it is no longer as exciting as it sounded months ago. You can subscribe for the plan using


There are no two ways about it: Glo dominates in this price category as well.

Heavy Data Usage

A monthly data allocation of 6 GB should be more than enough for most mobile subscribers. However, if it is not in your own case, the following are the notable best data plans in Nigeria 2016 costing no more than N10,000 per month and which you might find more suitable to your requirements; only two networks offer plans worthy of consideration in this category:


7GB Android 3.5 (N3,500) – *438#


6.5 GB (N3,500) – *229*2*9#
16 GB (N8,000) – *229*2*5#

22 GB (10,000) – *229*4*1#


9 GB (N4,000) – *127*59#
12 GB (N5,000) – *127*2#
24 GB (N8,000) – *127*1#


10 GB (N5,000) – *116#

As you may have observed, Glo is probably the only network worthy of being considered by those ready to pay between N3,500 and N10,000 for data per month. Etisalat now appears to be closer on its heels than it previously was or any other company is in terms of value for money.

Glo Nigeria is obviously the force to reckon with when talking about the best data plans in Nigeria 2016. The plans you get from the network at any price point are not surpassed in terms of size by any offerings from its rivals. However, the quality of the network connection in your area will ultimately determine what network to opt for. It is essential to always find a way to get value for money, especially given all that is being said about the state of the economy. This piece might sound biased towards Glo data plans, but it is the reality. As a matter of fact, I currently do not use any of the Nigerian network’s plans because I prefer the 100% recharge bonus I’m getting from Etisalat. ;D

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