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Best Data Plan in Nigeria for Android (and Other) Device Users

I could easily have titled this post the “cheapest data plans in Nigeria for Android device users.” However, I decided to go with the chosen title of “best data plan in Nigeria” because these data plans are not necessarily the cheapest in terms of the amount of money you bring out of your pocket, but more because they offer more value for money – lower cost per megabyte (MB) – especially to mobile users. These plans to be compared for the best data plan in Nigeria are not strictly for Android smartphones and tablets only; they can be used on other mobile devices and even on a PC or laptop.

Nigerian mobile networks logos

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The Contenders

The contenders for the best data plan in Nigeria for Android devices will be chosen one each from all four mobile networks, namely: Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN. The maximum price threshold for selecting these cheapest data plans in Nigeria is fixed at N2,500. These plan can be used at any time and have 30-day validity, with the highest cost per MB at slight less than N1. So, without further ado, let’s get down to a comparison of the contenders for the crown of the best data plan in Nigeria for Android and other devices.

Airtel Android 2.0 (2GB) Plan – For N2,000, you can get an allocation of 2 GB on Airtel network for use on your Android device. It is not clear if you will be able to use this data plan on non-Android devices. Enter and send the USSD code *437# on your phone to subscribe to this data plan.

MTN 4.5GB Night Plan – This plan, in description, is actually designed for night browsing. However, do not be deceived by the description, as this plan can be used round the clock, 24/7. The data allocation of 4.5 GB is split into two: 1.5 GB and 3 GB. The 1.5GB is usable during the day, while the 3GB portion can only be used between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. To subscribe, you can use the USSD *120# or send 120 to 131.

Etisalat 1GB or 2GB Plan – After offering no more than 500 MB for N2,000 and 200 MB for N1,000 for a long time, Etisalat finally introduced few months back a N2,000 plan that offers an impressive 2 GB! As if that was not enough, the company soon also upgraded the data allowance for the N1,000 plan to 1 GB. The USSD codes *229*2*7# and *229*2*8# can be used to subscribe to the 1GB and 2GB plans respectively. Update (04/01/2016) – If you’re unable to subscribe for the 1K plan using the provided code, you can use *929*9# instead.

Glo 4.5GB Plan – This data plan offers you a whopping 4.5GB data allocation, which you can blaze at any time of the day. You can use the data allocation on your Android smartphone or tablet and on other types of devices, including on your laptop. To subscribe, you simply need to press and send the USSD code *127*58# with at least N2,500 airtime on your line and you are on!

The Winner

I guess the winner is obvious already. At a per-MB rate of about 50 kobo, the Glo 4.5GB plan is the best data plan in Nigeria for Android and other devices. The 4.5GB plan from MTN is offered at the same rate, but it is undone by the fact that it is split between day and night – you will not be able to browse during the day, unless at out-of-bundle rate of 5 kobo per kilobyte (KB), once you exhaust the day allocation of 1.5 GB.

Hope this post helps you get more value for money with best data plan in Nigeria when subscribing for data on your Android and other mobile devices as well as on a PC or laptop. © 2015 Frontier Theme