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Apple’s New iOS 9 Can Keep Tab on Your Sexual Life

The newly-unveiled Apple iOS 9 mobile operating system brings with it several cool features. Among the new capabilities brought along by the platform is ability to tell you about your sexual life – the regularity, time and manner of sexual activity. What a freaky feature did I hear you say?

The sexual activity tracking feature is part of the Reproductive Health category in the new OS’s Health App, according to the technology news website BGR. Along with the Sexual Activity sub-category, the app also has Basal Temperature, Cervical Mucus Quality, Menstruation, Ovulation Test Result and Spotting sub-categories.

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The Sexual Activity feature – like the rest of the reproductive health tracking features – will allow users of iOS 9 devices to manually enter information into the health app. You will be able to enter the date on which you last had sex, along with time and whether you used protection or not. The information entered is then rendered on the app’s screen in graphical or numerical read-out format.

The information generated about your sexual life can be shared with other applications on your device. The Independent reports Apple as saying that users will be able to keep this information private, except they decide to share it with others.

It is believed that this sexual activity tracking feature will help users of devices on this platform to have control over their sexual life and prevent the so-called unwanted pregnancies, while also helping to guard against the adverse effects of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).

The menstruation tracking feature in iOS 9 will be welcomed by many of those people who have long criticised Apple for not showing enough concern for the women folk in its products. The app will enable female users log their menstrual cycle, thereby providing information that could be quite useful to couples looking to have a child of their own.

The new iOS 9 software comes with an improved Maps app and a “more intelligent and proactive” Siri personal assistant. © 2015 Frontier Theme