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2017 Best Data Plans in Nigeria for Mini Data Users

Mini data users? Who are those? Well, that is just a term I feel like using for people who subscribe to daily or weekly data plans. Any data user can fall into this category at one time or the other. You could fall back on these plans on another network if the one you subscribe to monthly is having issues. The plans typically cost no more than N500. So then, are you an acute or chronic mini data user? Whichever you consider yourself, we present the best data plans in Nigeria that you may find interesting. Focus will specifically be on daily (including more than one day) and weekly plans.

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You may check out the best monthly data plans in Nigeria if you prefer monthly subscription.

Daily Data Plans

Years ago, you had to pay about N150 or more for just 30 MB of internet browsing data. A 10MB data plan went for N100. Today, you can get 30 MB for N50 on Glo network. You get 10 MB at that price from Etisalat. Glo and Airtel offer 30 MB for N100. Etisalat gives N50 MB for the same price and Glo, 60 MB. MTN’s N200 daily plan offers you 100MB. You can have same data allocation on a plan that lasts three days on Airtel at N200. Glo offers 200 MB with validity of five days for that price. Airtel also has a special plan which gives you 5 MB daily for five days for a charge of N100. Here are the codes:


N100 (30 MB) – *410#
N100 (5 MB daily for 5 days) – *401#
N200 (100 MB, 3-day validity) – *412#


N50 (10MB) – *229*3*8# or text MI3 to 229
N100 (50MB) – *229*3*1# or text MI1 to 229


N50 (30 MB) – *127*14#
N100 (60 MB) – *127*51#
N200 (200 MB, 5-day validity) – *127*56#


N100 (30 MB) – Send 104 to 131
N200 (100 MB) – Send 113 to 131

Caveat on Etisalat’s N50 data plan: I’d like to advise you to proceed with caution as regards the N50 data from Etisalat. This is necessary since it is included in this best data plans in Nigeria piece. I had to subscribe to it for some reason last year and was unable to deactivate auto-renewal following usual procedure afterwards. The plan was repeatedly renewed. When I reached out to customer care, details that are usually required to do a SIM swap were requested from me. I had to abandon the SIM in question because I felt the requirements were excessive and unnecessary.

Weekly Data Plans

Airtel offers a weekly, 80MB data plan for N300 and a 14-day, 750MB plan for N500. Etisalat’s weekly plan of N200 is for 200MB data, while that of MTN which costs N500 offers 750 MB. Glo gives subscribers an unrivalled 1.6 GB for N500 weekly. Take the codes:


N300 (80 MB) – *417#
N500 (750 MB, 14-day validity) – *418#


N200 (200 MB) – *229*2*10# or text LCD to 229


N500 (1.6 GB) – *127*57#


N500 (750 MB) – Text 103 to 131

Glo again offers some of the best data plans in Nigeria for mini data users. But unlike in the case of monthly data plans, it only leads some of its rivals here just marginally. One thing you may find especially interesting is the Nigerian-owned company’s Flexi Recharge rate. This allows you browse for just N1/MB without an active plan! At that rate, even the company’s unbeatable N100 data plan isn’t worth the money. It represents even more, at least of equal, value than most the data plans in Nigeria mentioned here.

Rejoice, O ye mini data users! 😀

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